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We Grow Businesses With The Perfect Partnerships

We leverage our sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial expertise to connect small businesses with trusted, proven partners.

Fast Track Business Growth

We understand the challenges you face, so we can help avoid them and fast track growth

Extensive Professional Network

We offer a vast network of specialized, industry-specific revenue-based solutions.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

The wrong partners can set you back years; we help you make the right choices.

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Business Growth is our Superpower

Conscious Ventures is a network of top-tier partnerships dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and businesses. We provide the expertise, resources, and support you need to scale your business with confidence. Experience the power of compounding growth through our partnerships.
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A Logo that reads: Nucleus.
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A Logo that reads: Kondas Law in orange letters.
A Logo that reads: Nucleus.
A Logo that reads: goforth.
A Logo that reads: Sonic Fire Tech with an illustration of a flame next it.
A Logo that reads: My Self Welness with a illustration of a brain.
Identify the problem

Overwhelmed by Failing?

Despite your best efforts, if any of these questions describe you or your company, you are in the right place.

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Securing Success

Proven Strategies By Proven Partners

From sales and marketing hurdles to capital raising struggles, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. With personalized strategies and trusted partnerships, we take pride in tackling challenges head-on by applying the following tactics: 

Vetted Advisory Services

We ensure you work with the best partners, saving time and resources.

Gain Objective Clarity

We align strategies, preventing resource waste and maximizing effectiveness.

Elevate Your Sales Team

Improve your sales team’s performance, boosting close rates and revenue.


Your Business Success is Our Priority

We’re here to make your business succeed. Our comprehensive range of services and proven strategies support you at every stage, ensuring you’ll be paired with an industry-leading network, gaining you access to top professionals and resources. Our results-driven approach guarantees you are set for success. Partner with us, and you can’t lose.

Marketing Strategy

Sales Coaching

Capital Advisory Services

Messaging Workshops

Website Optimization

Business Development

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how it works

Transform Your Business in 3 Steps

Follow these three easy steps to catapult your company towards success. Schedule a call, define your goals, and build a customized plan with us to unlock your business’s full potential.


Schedule a Call

Take the first step towards transforming your business by scheduling a personalized consultation with us.


Define Goals

This is your opportunity to provide us with insight into what you aim to achieve and the hurdles you’re facing along the way.


Build a Customized Plan

We’ll craft a comprehensive strategy to guide your business forward, while connecting you within our network to facilitate growth.

Experience You Can Trust

What Sets Us Apart

At Conscious Ventures, we’ve faced the same entrepreneurial challenges as you. We’ve navigated the complexities of sales, marketing, and capital advisory services, and with each obstacle, we’ve sharpened our expertise. After countless hours of vetting solutions that work, we’re ready to share our journey with you. We’ll connect you to the best resources tailored to your unique needs. Tired of mediocre results? Don’t settle. Take the first step toward a thriving business and change your future.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Explore testimonials from businesses we’ve worked with, and find out how our services have defined their success stories.

"Adam and Daniel know their stuff. They were able to walk me through all of the most essential components to building an iconic brand. Their ability to stay on target, keep the process simple, and provide input along the way is unmatched. I'm happy with what we came up with together as a team - and our brand will forever be indebted to them for helping bring it to fruition."
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Logan Lenz
CEO - ​​Nucleus
“It was great to work with a sales expert who understands marketing. Dan worked with us during the launch of Go Forth and provided valuable evidence-based insights on brand positioning, messaging, and sales enablement. Dan brings a unique perspective to every problem, pulls in partners as needed, and works tirelessly to help you solve them. We’d recommend Conscious Ventures to anyone looking to get their business off to a fast start or improve their revenue systems.”
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Adam Capes
CEO - Go Forth
“Dan is a master networker. From investors to channel partners, Dan, and the Conscious Ventures Network, consistently put meaningful appointments on my calendar, all focused around growing my business. Get ready for a fun, collaborative, process when you work with Conscious Ventures.” ​
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Tim Ummel
CEO - Give Virtual Care

Let's Talk About Your Business

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